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the story so far...

ok, so before i tell you about my love life at the moment, let me give you a bit of breif history over the last 6 months.
well, last year at JAM, a huge youth conference held in sydney, i met this guy called isaac. pretty much fell in love with him, and the feeling was mutual. anyway, we were apparantly "waiting till he finished his HSC, and things were going good, and then came his formal. and heres where everything went to the crappa.
* "emma, will you come to my yr 12 formal with me?"
* "yeh isaac 4 sure"
* "hey emma, i cant take you to the formal, it just isnt right"
* "um ok, thats cool. i respect that" (why!!!!!!)
* "hey emma, ive asked someone else to the formal"
* "its my x girlfriend brooke"
(over a period of about 2 months)
so yeh, pretty much we havnt spoken since then.

then theres this year. so yes im a christian, but sometimes christians stuff up, well this is one of those times. on new years eve this year, i was at a party, and as 99% of the populatin does on new years eve, i was completely sloshed, and ended up hooking up with paul. no wheres the thing. i went to the party coz brent (a hot 20 year old friend) invited me. and paul, is his bestr friend. ALSO 20!!! and that wasnt the problem, that they were friends, they were both fine with it, the problem is that i see brent all the time. therefore i see paul all the time. paul and i are now pretty good friends, and thats good, but he still likes me. even though i told him im a christian, and that the person he met on new years eve was a different person to who i really am.

he doesnt get it. boys are so confusing!!!!!!!!! and it confuses me!!! coz he sais things to me that make me wanna marry him, but i dont even wanna let myslef be interested in him! its so hard.

anyay, thats the extent of my love life at the moment. hope you had a good laugh. i ahve to, thats the only way i can stay sane.
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