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so here is my life,.....
im only 16, so there is not really that much i can tel you .
i was born in mulumbimbi, thats near byron bay, at the top of NSW in austraila. i lived on a farm for 5 years of my life. i have 2 older brothers, so the 3 of us just mucked around on the farm for most of our childhood. motorbikes, treehouses, creeks, bushtrails, farm stuff really.

then wen i was 5, my parents decided to move to newcaslte, because there was not much work around up near byron. so we moved here, to where i live now. i love my house, its right on the water, and its heaps big. its heaps good for having people over, which i tend to do quite alot. lol.

when i was about 8, i made the biggest decision of my life. i became a christian. im so full on about god. so ive been a christian for 8 years. ive made so many friends through my church, theres about 400 ppl in my church, and most of the church is under 30. so theres so many young people. church is so good. god is my number 1 in my life, and he is my number 1 passion. ive seen wat its like without god, and ive seen wat its like with god. i can tell you, life is soooooo much better with god!!!

being a christian doesnt automatically solve all your problems or anythng like that, it doesnt make life easy. what being a christian is about, is saying "god, im sick of struggling with my problems, so im giving them to you, help me through them please, i trust that youll help me"

ok, sorry, im preaching. but you can see, im so passionate about telling other ppl how good god is! he'd have to be pretty good for me to want to tell other so much hay.

im in year 11, school i suppose comes second, second to god and my social life. lol. school is actually alot better this year. the relationship between the teachers and students is completely different when your a senior. when i leave school i want to do events management, but first i want to go and live in europe for a few years, so im there in three years!

music is my pther passion. i cant play anything, i can sing (not very well) but its my new years resolution to get guitar lessons. but i love listening to music! and i love all sorts of music. i love jazz, blues, r+b, punk, rock, and old stuff, like credance, and the beach boys, stuff like that. music is the best. it allows me to fel free. when i listen to music, everything is ok. i can shut out the world, and i float into another one. music makes my heart beat to a new beat. it can completely control the way i feel, and therefore change my perceptions and views on a situation.
well, thats just a bit about me.
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